Greg and I have had a long chat about Flashback 2017, and because of his family commitments and the fact that the venue would have to change because the college is moving, and there is a big question mark over suitability, Greg has decided to postpone Flashback until 2018 when things have settled down a bit. HOWEVER……. I am excited to announce that in place of Flashback 2017, we will be hosting “Switch On” 2017 Demoscene Party in Queensland! With help from Greg, and everyone who has contributed to Syntax and Flashback, I would like to invite everyone on the scene to this event, which will be held: Friday evening the 9th of June to Monday afternoon the 12th of June 2017 Where Exactly? Ipswich……. (sounds of crickets…….) Seriously! Hear me out…… I will be talking to the Mayor of Ipswich to get the Council on-board with the idea. The Mayor has always been a fan of technology, and has always pushed for innovation in the city, and when I tell him coders, musicians, and enthusiasts from all over Australia will be competing, as well as inviting all the local high schools to compete in their own category, he will jump at the idea. If he doesn’t, then a venue will be sought regardless. I will also be approaching the local radio station, the local newspaper, and the television stations, and with the help of the Mayor, we will have it advertised. I will also be approaching Australian Retro and Tech Review YouTubers to invite them to the gig. Venues will include Ipswich’s tech hub, Fire Station 101, or the Ipswich Show Grounds. Obviously that will depend on the Mayor’s discretion. Depending on the final location, I will approach local hotels to get a discounted rate for those needing accommodation, or you can sleep at the venue, or I’m sure we can billet people. Transport from and to the Airport can be arranged. The Brisbane Retro Collective will be there, and with their help, we will have an awesome retro museum. So I call upon all Australian Sceners, get ready to Switch On!

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